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National Muslim Women’s Advisory Group (NMWAG)

Members of the National Muslim Womens Advisory Group NMWAG National Muslim Womens Advisory Group (NMWAG)Department for Communities and Local Government

Love in a Headscarf Muslim women?

shelina zahra janmohamed Love in a Headscarf Muslim women?

Egyptian Muslim women gather to pray

egypt women 480x404 Egyptian Muslim women gather to praygettyimages

Egyptian Muslim women gather to pray under a statue of the late Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum as they celebrate Eid al-Adha on the main street of the Nile Delta city of Mansoura.

The Status of Arabian Women before Islam

Honor of a woman has been granted due to emergence of Islam. Before the arrival of Islam, women were treated as a demoralized piece; some sort of a thing not a human. Numerous high class Arabs were involved in trading business of women. They humiliated females as they had no worthy existence on earth. Status of Arabian women was same like a painting that had been available for auction. The person who bid the highest would possess the ownership of the offered item.

Arabian Women before Islam 480x394 The Status of Arabian Women before Islam

Women had no rights to show their acceptance in choosing appropriate marriage proposal and had no share in property by her parents. After the emergence, Islam gave a woman full right to agree or disagree on marriage proposals. She has now option to choose the best man for rest of her life. Even if a woman doesn’t want to live with her husband due to his humiliating behavior then she can submit termination of marriage agreement in courts.

A woman has been encouraged by Islam to attain a fair share in the legacy of her parents and she can also transfer her legacy to siblings further which was totally prohibited before. After the introduction of Islamic beliefs and values by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), women were granted with equal position of supremacy like men.

Islam has provided full authority to women to participate in every appropriate area as in old times; Hazrat Fatima (R.A) and Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) were used to provide their valuable services to warriors. Before the revelation of Islam, Arabian women had been brought in the wars not for the purpose of fight equally with men but if the consequences were turned into defeat then women were offered as a compensation to conquer.

Islam has introduced the concept of (Hijab), which was not known before the emergence. Allah has considered Hijab as a protecting shield for women against the evil minds of men. He has chosen Hijab for women due to the honorable position Allah Almighty wants to bestow them with.

Allah has guided in Quran clearly that woman is not an ordinary individual. She is highly valuable creation of Allah due to her prestigious rank. A woman is not a piece to be offered for auction. She has rewarded with the strong relationship of Husband thus her body and beauty is only visible and touchable by her better half; not for whole world. Her husband has been ordered to behave well for her true rights and duties specifically conducted by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Arabian women before the commencement of Islamic values were not rewarded with any kind of mercy and nice behavior therefore women were treated like servants. Islam is the only religion who introduced to the world that women need to be treated with love and care.

Saudi Arabia Olympics: Islamic Kingdom To Allow Women Athletes To Compete In London

r SAUDI ATHLETES large570 Saudi Arabia Olympics: Islamic Kingdom To Allow Women Athletes To Compete In London In this undated photo provided by Reema Abdullah, members of the Jeddah Kings United all female team attend football exercise in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Reema Abdullah)

RIYADH, June 25 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia will enter women athletes in the Olympics for the first time ever in London this summer, the Islamic kingdom’s London embassy said on Sunday.

Human rights groups had called on the International Olympic Committee to bar Saudi Arabia from competing in London, citing its failure ever to send a woman athlete to a Games and its ban on sports in girls’ state schools.

Powerful Muslim clerics in the ultra-conservative state have repeatedly spoken out against the participation of girls and women in sports.

In Saudi Arabia women hold a lower legal status to men, are banned from driving and need a male guardian’s permission to work, travel or open a bank account.

Under King Abdullah, however, the government has pushed for them to have better education and work opportunities and allowed them to vote in future municipal elections, the only public polls held in the kingdom.

“The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking forward to its complete participation in the London 2012 Olympic Games through the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, which will oversee the participation of women athletes who can qualify for the games,” said a statement published on the embassy website.

In April the head of the kingdom’s General Presidency of Youth Welfare, the body that regulates sports in Saudi Arabia, said it would not prevent women from competing but that they would not have official government endorsement.

The IOC said on Monday that talks with the Saudis were “ongoing” and that “we are working to ensure the participation of Saudi women at the Games in London”.

The head of the kingdom’s Olympic mission, Khalid al-Dakheel, told Reuters on Sunday evening however he was unaware of any developments allowing women to participate.

Top Saudi clerics, who hold government positions and have always constituted an important support base for the ruling al-Saud royal family, have spoken against female participation in sports.

In 2009 a senior cleric said girls risked losing their virginity by tearing their hymens if they took part in energetic sport.

Perhaps the most likely woman candidate to compete under the Saudi flag in London, equestrian Dalma Malhas, represented the kingdom at the junior Olympics in Singapore in 2010, but without official support or recognition.

Physical education is banned in girls’ state schools in the kingdom, but Saudi Arabia’s only female deputy minister, Noura al-Fayez, has written to Human Rights Watch saying there is a plan to introduce it. (Reporting by Angus McDowall and Asma Alsharif; editing by Andrew Roche)

An Islamic Perception of Female Ejaculation Or Wet Dreams

ocean moon 480x494 An Islamic Perception of Female Ejaculation Or Wet Dreams

Wet dreams are accepted as part of a male’s growing into maturity, but little is talked about of this natural occurrence in a young woman. Both sets of the genders mirror each other in most things, so why should this be any different? As the prophet has said, Allah has made a carbon copy of each sex internally, so what happens in one body will happen in the other.

Female ejaculation in Islam is seen to be a part of the natural evolving of the body, leading into puberty. It can occur around the time of the development of breasts and hair under the armpits and in the genital region. This can be as early as eight, or it may delay until the female child is over ten. Unless there is something abnormal, this is simply a part of growing into maturity and becoming ready for potential child-bearing. Some corruption is responsible for the emphasis on sex; therefore anything that seems out-of-the-ordinary is made out to be different, although it has existed since Man was created. Another reason for the lack of information is that many lecturers are male and women can be very shy about discussing their concerns about this phenomenon with them, including their doctor.

If a person experiences one of these wet dreams during genuine sleep, then it is perfectly natural and no blame can be placed on the person concerned. Although a female’s vagina is always moist due to normal secretions, a female ejaculation, like the man’s, increases this moisture and is usually a sign that this has occurred. Although it may not be as much as the male’s, it is usually accompanied by erotic dreams or feelings and often culminates in a feeling of satisfaction.

If this has occurred then the person should cleanse themselves by washing or ghusal, as the prophet advised. As the person grows in maturity and control of their body, it is often possible to control these urges, but, as they occur during sleep, most people cannot. Many people wake just before ejaculation, with a vague memory of fullness in the genital area, but cannot recall any reason for it being so. In puberty, it is simply a release from sexual dreams.

Umm Salamah said: “Umm Sulaym came to the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alihi wasalam, and said, “O Messenger of Allah, Allah is not too shy to tell us the truth. Does a woman have to do ghusl if she has a wet dream?

” The Prophet said: “Yes, if she sees water (a discharge).” Umm Salamah covered her face and said, “O Messenger of Allah, can a woman have an erotic dream?”He said, “Yes, may your hands be rubbed with dust. How else would her child resemble her?” (Bukhari)

It is thought to be a very wise parent, preferably the mother, who discusses this symptom with her daughter, before she reaches the age of puberty. Otherwise she will almost certainly be given quite the wrong idea from her classmates or even a teacher who is not comfortable with the topic. Most women are not comfortable with talking about the subject either, but it is a natural part of life and growing, and if she reflects, she may remember this happening in her early life also, so there really should be no embarrassment in talking to your daughter about it.

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