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Red Hijab women

women in red hijab Red Hijab women

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Media’s Portrayal of Islam and Hijab

Media’s Portrayal of Islam and Hijab Media’s Portrayal of Islam and HijabThe incidence of the Twin Towers attack on 9/11 is probably the most significant developments of all time. It has altered the course of life in many ways. The human race in general is the victim of the hawkish changes that this particular incident has brought. 9/11 attacks as well as the US/North waged “War on Terror” are both manmade disasters. They have significantly affected ‘man’ too. Although man in general is biggest sufferer in this backlash of the north, Islam is the one that has come under severe criticism ever since. The credit for the portrayal of Islam as a religion of terrorism and hatred goes to world media.

Islam is being portrayed vehemently as a religion of hatred and violence after Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the attacks. The religion of one man or organization has led to a worldwide defaming of an entire religion. Although the world media cannot be held responsible solely for this trend, yet they have really turned and tuned the masses against Islam worldwide. The role of media is to put the facts before the viewer and not to take sides in crucial times like these. Instead of investigating the case of Islam as an instigator, Media has been molding public opinion against Islam with a dangerous authenticity. Every aspect of Islam is under the scrutiny of media. Media has been judging the religion without true knowledge and analysis of Islam. Quite surprisingly they have been seeing Islam from the same angle as terrorists- jihad and dictatorship. How are they any different then?

When it comes to faulty criticism, one case is that of ‘Veil or Hijab’. Veil is being worn by Muslim women in accordance with Quranic rule to prevent unnecessary attention that might endanger a woman’s security. It does not reduce the importance of women in society or does not take away their political/ fundamental rights. However it is being presented in media as a tool for abolishing women’s status as an equal human being. A veil does not make a woman an inferior being as is portrayed by media. This portrayal is done on the basis of wrong analysis of human history and modified political facts.

hijab3 GkQFC 164191 Media’s Portrayal of Islam and Hijab

Every precious object or whatever that you hold important in life is kept under a strict watch. Let’s say, woman is the most precious person in form of wife, mother, daughter or sister. Nobody would like their beloved women to be hurt or harmed. They would protect them. Same way for a woman her modesty is far more precious than anything in her life. She protects her modesty and wishes to keep it safe. Let’s say if a woman is dressed up in a sexy outfit and goes to church. No one would pray but start staring at her because it is human nature to look at the unexpected. Islam only educates the females about their sense of duty and their sense of keeping their modesty intact and safe. They are given a dress code and that is to protect them from evil gazers and those who are not her mehrum or relations. A woman feels protected and safe when veiled. It is her basic right so nobody should take that away from her. To show or not to show is entirely a person’s decision and it should not be subjugated in the name of religion.

Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and Beauty

Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and Beauty 480x338 Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and BeautyGettyImages

Present day Muslim women are now becoming more aware of their moral values and religious teachings, thus turning themselves towards their religion. This has resulted in numerous women in covering themselves up. This dress code depicts the modesty and simplicity every Muslim woman possesses. This dress code is known as the hijab, which implies that all Muslim women cover themselves up while going out. And they should cover themselves in such a manner that only their face and hands are visible. Rest of the body should be fully covered.

As numerous women have turned towards covering themselves, it is becoming more of a trend now. It has considerably gained popularity amongst the Muslim women. Therefore, this dress is now seen in many styles, colors and designs. One thing we need to keep in mind is hijab is not only a head scarf or head gear to simply hide your hair and neck. Though these two parts are also to be covered when you wear this dress, but it is more of a complete body dress which allows you to cover up fully.

As more women now cover themselves, you can find a verity of designs and styles. Many hijabs have embroidery on them. They are adorned with beads, embroidery, lining of different colors, outlines and many more. But if you are in search for the more traditional ones, then you can buy those in plains. Same way, the more traditional colors included blacks and browns. But today, it’s not the same. You will find a verity of colors to choose from, so many colors that you will be dazzled.

There are numerous styles now available, and in different clothing material. Mostly it is found in silk clothing. All these designs not only complement your looks, but also enhance your entire outlook and add an element of elegance to your personality. From the very traditional ones for old ladies to the very classy and trendy ones for the young college or office-going girls, you will find an unlimited verity. So there’s no need for you to compromise with fashion because of your dress code that your religion asks you to wear. You can bring some style to your new outlook with the many designs that are now available.

Due to the increased demand in hijabs, many fashion designers have now responded to it by coming up with designs that not only are stylish, yet they complement the Islamic dress codes. Not only that, they are now made with material to complement different parts of the world and the climate of that particular region or place. As Muslim dressing is largely influenced by their surrounding environment, climate, culture, traditions and values. So as to show the true identity the Muslims of this world hold.

Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of Fanaticism

Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of Fanaticism Hijab – A Source of Modesty and Not A Labeler of FanaticismGettyImages

One of the most important essentials of Islamic dress code for women is hijab. In all of Islamic regions, states, and places where Muslims reside, it is quite necessary for women to cover themselves up. This is the basic teachings of Islam and Hadith. There are many reasons to why this dress code is important and necessary in Islam. But that does not mean Islam is a backward religion. Or nowhere does it imply all those women who cover themselves up cannot think modern.

People all over the world, all those who are not a member of this beautiful religion believe that Islam remains steadfast on its principles. In their eyes, these principles seem to be quite immoral. Moreover, wearing hijab is merely part of that immorality. Because they have assumed that Islam is a male dominant religion, and women are suppressed. And their men force them to cover up. In addition, this is where they go wrong. Women cover themselves up because this is what Islam teaches them to do. This is the word of the Lord which needs to be followed. But covering oneself up solely does not mean that they are left behind in the modern world.

We have moved way out of the old, conservative age. Now, a more modern and trendier world is coming up front. Moreover, when a Muslim woman, in this modern world, covers herself up, she is considered backward and conservative. But why look at only one side of the picture? Why not the other side? As we already know that there are two sides of a picture, and one side is already before you. Now let’s take a look at the other side.

When a woman wears hijab, she is doing it out of wish, to please her Lord. Not only that, this is what satisfies her. She feels rather comfortable being in that particular dress, she feels protected. She knows that no wrong kind of men will set eyes on her or even try to do something unethical. This is the feeling she gets when she covers herself in public. A feeling that she is strong and protected and nothing can harm her. But at the same time, it does not imply that she holds a narrow minded perspective. Even while covering her, she thinks like a modern person, acts like one and performs her daily task like any modern person around the globe.

As every religion has certain rules and principles, which its believers follow, it is the case with Islam. Islam is a complete religion for humanity. Its foundations are based on morality, values, sanctuary and sacredness. In addition, every Muslim has the right to follow it in accordance to its teachings and values. And this is what any Muslim woman does. She wears a hijab because her religion tells her to do so. Only because she is following her religion does not mean she can be labeled as a narrow minded, conservative rather fanatic Muslim.

Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in Islam

Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in Islam Some Facts about the Importance of Hijab in IslamGetty

Many people, especially those who are not known to the teachings of Islamic religion or non-Muslims, have not much information regarding the Islamic dress codes. The dress codes as followed by the teachings of Sunn’ah and Hadith depict the modesty and sanctuary it holds in itself as being a complete religion for the whole of mankind. Similarly, Hijab holds that very same importance for women in Islam. This particular dress code for women shows how much Islam cares and values about its women race. The dress is a sign of modesty, traditions, values, holiness, sacredness.

Let’s take a quick peek at what hijab basically is. The particular dress requires women to cover themselves up in such a manner that no part of their body is visible other than the hands and face. And this act is quite essential publicly but whilst at home, one does not have to cover up like that. Many people, especially the West, have this notion in their minds that women are actually forced to cover themselves up. But little do they know, they are completely wrong about this notion and there is no such thing as imposition in Islam. Therefore, no woman in Islam is actually forced to cover herself up. Its all done out of choice and not because one was forced.

Maybe people don’t have much awareness about hijab, and this is the reason to why they have certain misconceptions in their mind. When it comes covering yourself up, it wholly and solely does not mean covering from head to toe. The most important parts that need to be covered are your neck, head but not the entire face, and your udder. These are the main parts that should not be visible. But no where in the books will you find this fact that the face ought to be covered as well. It can be done out of desire.

Intentions are a very important factor in Islam. Whatever we do, whatever we follow, all is done on the basis of intentions. And our intentions are directly linked with our Creator. Whatever we intend to do, we do it wishfully to please our Master. And our Lord being happy with us bestows His blessings on us. Same way, a woman when she covers herself up, intends to please her Lord. Not only that, she knows that this is what the Lord has asked to do, this is what Islam teaches her. And following her religion with the intention of pleasing her Lord is what matters the most in Islam.

Nowhere does it say that by wearing hijab, a woman has to sacrifice her looks and beauty. She can do all sorts of things to look nice, elegant, and pleasant as well as presentable to the world. But all should be done in a reasonable manner, and in not a way to attract the wrong kind of people. Sometimes, it can be seen that by looking, all shiny, glossy and catchy wrong kind of men can be attracted and this can lead to something unethical and immoral. That is the reason to why women in Islam are asked to cover themselves up. They should though cover themselves but at the same time, they should look neat, nice and elegant. As Islam encourages neatness, beauty and modesty.

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