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Religion in America: Toward a Better Understanding of Islam

Religion is often a big divisive factor in human relations. It is often misunderstood and this is because of the unwillingness to learn about other religions leading to religious conflicts, especially with Islam.

islam in america Religion in America: Toward a Better Understanding of Islam

Muslims practicing Islam as their religion are disturbed owing to the intolerance and misunderstandings of American Christians in America. In fact, there are American Muslims over two million and they are equally horrified by unwanted attacks.

Islam is a great religion like all others that can also peacefully coexist with all other religions. Many Muslims hold great positions in the community as lawyers, doctors, school teachers, university professors, judges, local authorities, etc and they can show progressive paths to all. These progressive individuals must pass the message for a peaceful world.

The new world has transformed into a new economic period with the earlier styles out. The new style integrates economics and emphasizes the financial responsibility to be established. Homes and communities must promote individual entrepreneurship as jobs are not secured incomes any more. Hence school and training center needs to be encouraged to bring awareness about Islam and the world history.

Islam is a name derived from Salaam an Arabic word translating as Peace. The correct translation is they relate to the doctrine of faith. The key of Islam peace is when Muslims are offended as Islamic terrorists by media and this is understood as a contradiction.

Muslims Allah is their God and in Arab it means One True God. They believe in Prophet Muhammad and the Quran is the holiest Islam book that has Gods words in original Arabic language.

Regrettably, the Quran is interpreted and misused. However, the widely accepted interpretations include Muslims to engage in five pillars of Islam and they are:

  • Making declaration of faith as believing nothing is worthy than God and Muhammad, the Gods messenger.
  • Performing prayers –the Salah, five times a day. They have no priests and Muslims make these prayers at workplaces, homes and also at a mosque.
  • Giving charity is done to 2.5% of an individual’s wealth. This is because the possessions of an individual are regarded to be Gods belongings and the stewards are we, the human beings.
  • Practicing fasting or sawm, during Ramadan month is very important for Muslims, but there are exceptions for pregnant, nursing or menstruating women, sick and elderly. Apart from them all are expected to fast from drink, food until sundown from sunup. Fasting is viewed as purification and self-discipline means and young adults until reaching the puberty stage need not fast.
  • Visiting Mecca, hajj once a lifetime.

Similarly, jihad is a term misunderstood by all, Muslims and non-Muslims. This word Jihad is fighting to remove imperfections from one’s soul and is an internal fight to lead a peaceful life, not to bring disharmony.

Islamic Divorces in State Of New York

divorce pic 480x565 Islamic Divorces in State Of New York

Marriage is defined as the harmony, synchronization and bonding between two persons of opposite gender as husband or wife, in a consensual and contractual association recognized by law, nature and religion. Every relationship has its good and bad days, but only that relationship survives that has the strength to bear the trials and tribulations of time, while others result in to a state of strong disagreement known as divorce.  Divorce can be defined as the action or an instance of legally and spiritually dissolving a marriage so that the couple no longer remains bonded and the people are now two separate entities. The rate of divorce in the west is greater and only a few marriages last till the end, the same trend is now being opted by the Muslim countries.

In Islam there are particular rules for divorce for men and women in the stipulations of Islamic commandment known as sharia. When a man has commenced a divorce the practice is called ṭalāq. When a woman has instigated an annulment it is called khula.

Muslims existing in New York are in a twin circumstances when it comes to the functioning of family unit commandment. They are presided over by the spiritual law of Islam, entitled as Islamic sharia, and by the material family law of the state of New York. To Muslims, the family commandment of Islam commands that matrimony and annulment amongst Muslims should be completed in agreement with the Islamic law known as sharia, despite of whether they survive in an Islamic or secular and materialist fatherland Civil divorce diktat attained by worldly courts are not documented by Islamic sharia. Under Islamic ruling, a Muslim man may get hitched to a non-Muslim woman, whereas a Muslim female is forbidden from marrying a non-Muslim gentleman under these rules, a non-Muslim woman marrying a Muslim man in observance with Islamic sharia is subjected to the regulations of Islam in the areas of dissociation, adolescent guardianship and heritage. In other prose, a non-Muslim woman who marries a Muslim man in harmony with Islamic regulation, deprives herself of the supervision of her offsprings in state of divorce, or if the husband expires. Subsequently, a non-Muslim woman in harmony to a Muslim man in Islam is inclined, under the conventions of Islamic sharia, to capitulate charge and protection of her son when he by passes the age of seven, and her daughter at the epoch of nine. She is also proscribed from legacy and heritage. These regulations are functional right the way through Muslim nations with an organization and scheme of Islamic-law pedestal family unit regulation in place.

Islam the second largest religion, and with the aggravated figure of Muslims immigrating to the United State, American courts are further recurrently seeking into Islamic annulment litigations between Muslim pairs.

Religion in America- Towards a better understanding of religion

islam in america Religion in America Towards a better understanding of religion

American society has gone through a lot of radical social changes ever since the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11. One of such changes is the nation’s increased interest in religion on the whole. The horrific act of violence on 9/11 turned the whole world upside down.

Socio- political framework of the world has undergone a series of drastic changes. As an immediate reaction the whole world went against Islam but with the appearance of later proof about the responsibility of the attacks, the attitude has slowly reversed. American public’s shift towards religion is inevitably connected to the attacks and the people who caused them.

The horror that followed the attacks, the suffering that people witnessed, was enough to shake them hard. The questions about the importance of human life were raised at every forum. Terrorists were condemned globally. The turning point in all the mayhem was when America attacked Afghanistan and later Iraq.

World media and humanitarian organizations showed footages exposing that America was inflicting the same terror as did the terrorists. Human life meant nothing in any case. Serious reconsideration of politics and national interests is underway now. Questioning the society and life led people to religion, not only in America but all over the world. Hence we see millions of converts in the post 9/11 world.

The emergence of industry in the eighteenth century shifted the balance of society to commercialism from agriculture. The basic values of love and care got exchanged with economic and financial well being. Tribal identity vanished and even identity meant well being and status based on economy. The First World War and also the World War Two brought a regime of human rights around and the political ways of the governments were challenged but religion still remained in the background. 9/11 has put religion back on the agenda.

An overwhelming number of Americans, converting to Islam and other religions (in lesser numbers) from atheism shows humans quest for finding the meaning for life. In the process of giving life a meaning, American population is evidently moving towards a better understanding of religion. Every other day scientists are discovering new facts about universes, new theories are born and old ones are rejected. With every new discovery people are becoming more aware of their Creator.

Now the scientists have found that everything is written and mentioned in Quran, the book of God. The people are witnessing lot of miracles happening and proving the worth of becoming a true believer. Islam basically is the only religion that has code of life, and is a total manual for humans to follow and be successful. Islam is the chosen religion of Allah Subhan wa Tallah and the time is not far away when there will be the rule of Islam.

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