Islam on Europe The Positive Impact of Islam in Europe

Islam is a worldwide religion, which has its root in the Arab countries. All over the world, Muslims mark all the activities as indicated in the holy book, the Quran. For a person of Islamic persuasion, they are bound to follow all the five pillars and live together in harmony and unity. The Quran has several teachings, which guide the followers on the different ways of living their life, concentrating on living in peace and harmony with others. This religion has grown stronger in the European nations with many different people taking up the daily teachings and following the rules of the religion.

Growth in economy

With the Islamic culture, they have their separate banking rules, which mainly focus on rules of interest. The development of such banks has led to massive increases in various projects. When one invest in such banks, it gets easier to access the loans, which do not have much interest. Some of the banks have different branches all over the globe and this makes it easier for one to access and make the transactions from any point.

When it comes to matters of insurance, the Islamic community has a good way of sharing the profit and the losses in such schemes. This makes it easier for the business people to invest in such schemes since they are based on the religious teachings and hard for one to get scammed. However this should not be taken as total, as everything involving money always has some risk.


When it comes to education, the Islamic community centers on the holy teachings and this means the students have to enroll for the Arabic lessons to learn the Quran will. This has led to the development of Islamic schools, which enable the children to understand and follow all the teachings easily. These schools get the funding from mosques, and other Islamic organizations, and the aim is to offer quality education to the children. In Europe, some of the schools have advanced to degree level and enable the students to learn from different Islamic centers.

Sense of togetherness

There are many holidays and practices occurring in the Muslim calendar. The holy month of fasting makes the Muslims close since they have to share and work together the entire month. This makes it easier for them to interact, share ideas, and give assistance where necessary. This type of communion is rare to find where people do not meet on a regular basis.


Muslims are known to strictly follow the teachings and this makes them responsible and morally upright people in the community. The women dress well, cover their bodies, and do not engage in premarital sex. The same goes for men, and when they want to marry, they need to carefully follow the entire procedure according to the Islamic laws. These cuts off any irresponsible behavior and the younger generation hopefully grow up learning the cultures and the genuine Islamic way of life.