Conversion of Non Muslims to Islam in Russia 480x535 Conversion of Non Muslims to Islam in Russia

Russian Federation, the largest country in the world, stretches across the eastern Europe and northern Asia. Its relief consists of Eastern European and Western Siberian lowlands, hilly eastern Siberia, the Far East, the Caucasus and the cliffy mountain areas east of Lake Baikal and Central Asia.

The largest percentage of the population are Russian Orthodox Christians, or atheists. There are no reliable data of the number of Muslims in Russia. Many experts estimate that Russia now has about 20 million Muslims, and Mufti of the Asian part of Russia, that number places between 25 and 30 million. Despite all the efforts that the image of “blackened” and negatively shows in the West, Islam recorded the largest growth and expansion of all other faiths. In Russia converted to Islam each year goes more and more people, in this country are recorded enormous growth of Islam.

World today is divided into East (Islamic world) and West (Christian world) that are mutually conflicting and unfriendly. This hostility to the Western world is the result of the Islamic East, as fear of the expansion of Islam, and from insufficient knowledge of the nature of this faith, which led to incorrect presentation and prejudices of Western man about it. The rapid expansion of Islam was not be, as they claim, by fire and sword, but there was the will of the people to accept Islam.

Religion does not leave space for questions and doubts. It is important to find shelter and answers in it. All are born in a specific tradition, culture and inherited religion,which will only belong to – individually decide and it is good that way.

As a woman who converted to Islam, she says: Although she had ugly views on Muslims, while interviewing the Muslim women over the phone, she realizedthat they were the opposite of what she thought about them. ‘They are very smart, have a breadth of understanding of many things, very calm,gentle, and at the same time they are very clever. Still fascinated by how they practice religion the way it is provided, without any distorted claims. I started asking more questions ,in the beginning I was a bit skeptic towards all this. I fought against it, thinking it is impossible that Islam is true, that anything can be true, except my faith.’

But as she says, reading the Qur’an she realize the true, authentic truth.