Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law

Of course, every mechanism of this world, may it be mechanical, electrical or natural in characteristics, works on some defined principles and codes of conduct. And same goes the process with the mechanism of human life on earth. It needed something to guide it through and that code of conduct or set of laws came to man in the form of religion Islam. As it goes without saying that Islam is the religion that conforms to the human nature, that is, every single law mentioned and defined in this religion is right according to the straight nature of man. The followers of this religion require nothing supernatural or superhuman.

However, still, a number of critics from other religions who find it a challenge to disprove the natural approach of Islamic laws known as Sharia. Bulk of literature has been published over this issue but the amazing thing is that despite of these efforts, which spread over hundreds of years, the critics, especially the Jews have not been able to comfortably disapprove the worth of any of the laws stated in Sharia. And there are some really good reasons for this.

The first reason is the conformity of Sharia with the natural culture and behavior of human being in all eras of the world. For example, the laws relating to the penalties of certain sins, laws relating to the rights of women, children and neighborhoods, principles of business and partnership, system of governance and all other social set ups have been defined so clearly that it hardly takes a few moments to realize that these statements are all satisfying the natural requirement of our cultural and social systems. Therefore, the Jewish critics hardly find a space to criticize or argument over these laws mentioned in Islamic Sharia.

Then comes the proof of Islamic reality from the holy books of Jews. At a number of points in the holy books of Jews, they find signs and statements about the truthfulness and rightfulness of Islam and Islamic laws, thought most of those critics simply refuse to accept those statements in their own books or try interpreting their meanings in a way that they do not support Islamic Sharia.

Other reason is the scientific logics of Islamic laws. Most of the laws are such that a number of non-Muslim scholars and scientists have admired them scientifically and philosophically. This makes a reasonable hindrance to their criticism over Sharia. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that the Jewish lobby against Islam is working day and day out for exaggerating various aspects of Islamic laws but the fact of the matter is that they have not been able to do so because of solid foundations and universal truthfulness of Islam.