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Mismanagement of Resources and Lack of Power in International Affairs

Power in International Affairs Mismanagement of Resources and Lack of Power in International Affairsgettyimages

Muslim world is blessed with many natural resources. If we look at the Muslim world, we see the Middle Eastern area, which is full of oil and gold. More than half of the world’s oil is lying in Middle East. Apart from that, Southeast Asians countries have their own potentials and central Asian countries have overwhelming oil and gas reserves. Central Asians countries are also very important strategically. Pakistan, one of the most important and potential regions with majority of Muslim population holds a wealth of minerals and natural resources. Her geo strategic importance is not to be denied.

The western world is completely industrialized and their need of workforce and fuel increases their interest and compels them to look up to these Muslim dominating countries. At this point, the Muslim world with its large reserves of oil and very big population are in focus. Muslim countries are almost sole providers of oil to west but unfortunately, they share no or very little power and influence in the international affairs. Although, they can put the whole industrialized world to a halt, jeopardize their very soul of business, and destroy their spirit of economy by putting a ban on sale and distribution of fuel as well as labor or workforce. History is witness to that and everyone knows what happened in 1973. But, it is not the desirable notion and solution. Major point of discussion here is only that the Muslim world has never used their strength and force to prevent and promote deterrence purposes. The fault is not in the public but unfortunately, the leaders who are corrupt, lack ethics and have weak belief in Divine system. the list includes famous politicians, scholars and bureaucrats and so on.

The concept of ummah (nation in extended sense) is also an asset, apart from all the material that Muslims hold yet they have been unable to keep a hold on that too. The segregation and discrimination among Muslims on the basis of area, color, cast, sect, creed and race has been one of the greatest deteriorating factors and these concepts have killed the sense of unity among Muslims. Unity and brotherhood could have been a huge asset to hold a say in international world order.

All the countries, which are geo-strategically important like Pakistan and Afghanistan, have also failed to hold their positions up and most of these problems are due to lack of education as well as divergence from their own religion and cultures. No religion and culture teaches corruption and disloyalty. Divergence from religion, lack of education, undemocratic state systems, lack of adaptations and a missing sense of one nation has resulted in mismanagement of vital resources that Muslim world holds and has resulted in vehement degradation of Muslims as a nation.

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