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The secret of the beauty and impressiveness of the human eye is hidden in the depths of the human soul

Islam is a religion of peace and unity. The core of Islamic values hides in love and respect for each other that has to be spread across the whole human civilization. Islam is composed of a circle of norms and customs whose focal point revolves around positive thoughts and purity of soul. A person never gets an access of positive path unless he doesn’t come out of his arrogant and conservative behavior. On the other hand, a person, whose thoughts and acts are based on optimism; signifies the purity and clarity of spiritual divine.

The secret of the beauty 480x270 The secret of the beauty and impressiveness of the human eye is hidden in the depths of the human soul

Allah Almighty has spread His magic in every corner of universe. If a person has strong faith in supremacy and greatness of Allah Almighty then natural beauty designed by Him will seem to be the most diversifying masterpieces ever captured by human’s eye. But people with fewer values believe that human is the only supreme authority in the world and can get good control over whatever the matters are running around. They can never be satisfied from the core of their heart just like a true believer always remains in peace.

When a person declares his/her soul and body in accordance with Allah’s will and wish, bundle of blessings that have been stored by Allah for a person open up and shower on that person throughout his/her life. Human character is totally based on the upbringing and the surrounded environment in which he/she breathes since his/her childhood. If a person always wants to shut his mind’s doors and let ignorance keep on entering the heart, the secrets that have to be revealed would always be kept hidden.

It always depends on how you want to lead your way of life. You can go with the defined principles of Allah Almighty or you can create your own path too. But one thing you must keep in mind is that Allah has created human with good intellect, so that he/she can fairly identify difference between good and bad and Islamic values are the true companion for living on this planet. A person who lives in accordance with Islamic customs and adapts according to what has been said to mankind then his life would become easier, free from troubles.

One should always think positively. If something comes bad then it doesn’t mean that life is stopped and there is no way out. Your inner beauty and innocence will show you a right path and will guide you to choose the best for your life. When your heart is pure and free from limitations, you will automatically enjoy the beauty of life and will understand the soul of Allah’s preaching. In order to own a pure and clean soul, start correcting yourself instead of pointing others.

Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and Beauty

Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and Beauty 480x338 Hijab – A Great Way to Combine Religion with Elegance and BeautyGettyImages

Present day Muslim women are now becoming more aware of their moral values and religious teachings, thus turning themselves towards their religion. This has resulted in numerous women in covering themselves up. This dress code depicts the modesty and simplicity every Muslim woman possesses. This dress code is known as the hijab, which implies that all Muslim women cover themselves up while going out. And they should cover themselves in such a manner that only their face and hands are visible. Rest of the body should be fully covered.

As numerous women have turned towards covering themselves, it is becoming more of a trend now. It has considerably gained popularity amongst the Muslim women. Therefore, this dress is now seen in many styles, colors and designs. One thing we need to keep in mind is hijab is not only a head scarf or head gear to simply hide your hair and neck. Though these two parts are also to be covered when you wear this dress, but it is more of a complete body dress which allows you to cover up fully.

As more women now cover themselves, you can find a verity of designs and styles. Many hijabs have embroidery on them. They are adorned with beads, embroidery, lining of different colors, outlines and many more. But if you are in search for the more traditional ones, then you can buy those in plains. Same way, the more traditional colors included blacks and browns. But today, it’s not the same. You will find a verity of colors to choose from, so many colors that you will be dazzled.

There are numerous styles now available, and in different clothing material. Mostly it is found in silk clothing. All these designs not only complement your looks, but also enhance your entire outlook and add an element of elegance to your personality. From the very traditional ones for old ladies to the very classy and trendy ones for the young college or office-going girls, you will find an unlimited verity. So there’s no need for you to compromise with fashion because of your dress code that your religion asks you to wear. You can bring some style to your new outlook with the many designs that are now available.

Due to the increased demand in hijabs, many fashion designers have now responded to it by coming up with designs that not only are stylish, yet they complement the Islamic dress codes. Not only that, they are now made with material to complement different parts of the world and the climate of that particular region or place. As Muslim dressing is largely influenced by their surrounding environment, climate, culture, traditions and values. So as to show the true identity the Muslims of this world hold.

Benefits of Salaat (Prayers) for Health and Beauty

women offereing salat 480x468 Benefits of Salaat (Prayers) for Health and Beauty

Salaat is the main pillar of Islam. Muslims offer prayers five times a day.
Scientific studies and researches have proved that salaat is incredibly
excellent exercise that helps in countless ways to keep the mind and body
healthier and the toned figure of person adds to beauty.

Each unit (Rakat) of salaat utilizes every single muscles of the body and
makes active all motor system of an individual. (more…)

Benefits of Wudu in Health and Beauty

wudu 480x396 Benefits of Wudu in Health and Beauty

Islamic prayer Salat is proceeded by Wuduh or ablution that contributes
greatly towards the health of the individual and as results beauty also
enhances as it cleans one’s heart, soul and body. New researches also prove
that washing face 5 times a day for Salat deeply cleanses skin and keeps the
skin radiant. Islamic point of view considers radiant and healthy skin as the
noor (illuminating light) of Allah on the face of believer as our Holy Prophet
(PBUH) is one of the examples.

Oral Hygiene is another significant consequence of the Wuduh. The mouth
is rinsed and the teeth are brushed with miswak (a plant) and surely cause
a considerable decrease in all the infections in the mouth, teeth and gums.
Having clean and shiny teeth adds on the beauty of smiling face and helpful
in producing a million dollar smile.

Wuduh has also a very undeviating connection with the Istanja practice a
process of washing genitals after urinating. Istanja routine prevents urinary
tract Infections (UTI’s) and ensures the healthiness and fitness of body. As
if any drop of urine remains on the body, an impurity must be removed to
remain healthy.

Islam is the only religion that directly contributes to the personal health
and beauty, by providing Islamic system and teachings for men and women
to live their lives peacefully. In Quran Allah swt, says that Allah is Jameel
(Beautiful beyond imagination) and He loves the beauty. Islam being the
deen (religion) of Allah and Islamic teaching based upon Quranic words
and Hadees (actions and sayings of the last prophet in Islam) imparts and
focuses on the significance of appearing beautiful inside out. By performing
these rituals and practices the person especially women can enhance their
beauty, ambience and elegance.

When a person performs wuduh or ablution, he performs 26 precise
movements 5 times a day and this prescription is for optimum health and
vigor. Allah says in Quran:

“O ye who believe! When ye prepare for prayer, wash your faces, and your
hands (and arms) to the elbows; Rub your heads (with water); and (wash)
your feet to the ankles. If ye are in a state of ceremonial impurity, bathe
your whole body. But if ye are ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh

from offices of nature, or ye have been in contact with women, and ye find
no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub therewith
your faces and hands, Allah doth not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to
make you clean, and to complete his favor to you, that ye may be grateful.”
(Chapter 5, Verse 6)

Islamic Health & beauty – Islamic Health

tradition fashion muslim girls HR 480x423 Islamic Health & beauty – Islamic Health

According to Islamic teachings health fully encompasses complete physical, mental, social well-being
or a person and society, which must be safeguarded. Not through the maintenance and protection
of a health preserving regime at the entity level but through the development of protective health
and encouraging family and social system. Islam introduces the concept of preventing health and no
substance and practices that seriously endanger the health can be allowed in Islamic system.

health and beauty 480x640 Islamic Health & beauty – Islamic Health

There is need to change the society according to the divine commandments for the betterment of general health
and help in solving health related medical issues which occur due to the social practices. This must be
tackled socially through underlining principles of Quran. Islam promotes comprehensive ways towards
prevention and hygiene.

According to the principles lay down by Quran, total ban on alcoholic products, meat of dead animals,
pork, blood, drugs, tobacco, etc. should be declared prohibited. Having proper bathing after impurities,
doing Wudhu 5 times on visible parts of body for prayers, cleaning under area after urinating or after
defecation, washing and cleaning hands after getting in touch with some unclean things and moreover,
protection of inside mouth cavity by using miswak (brushing of teeth), etc. are the preventive measures
that Islam discussed for the physical health as well as for spiritual well being.

beautyful Muslim girl2 Islamic Health & beauty – Islamic Health

The fundamental duties of Islam such as Iman (Faith), Salaat (Prayers), Saum (Fasting), Zakat (Charity),
and Hajj (Pilgrimage) are the basic pillars of Islam for safeguarding the society to combat with practices
that are harmful for healthy mind and body. A person with strong Iman or faith in Allah abstains from
the wrong doings and what that are prohibited in Quran. Salaat is a wonderful means to abstain from
bad habits and for the strengthening of faith.

Saum or fasting purifies and detoxifies the body systems and aids in the improvement of mental health and well being of a person. It also brings people closer
and they can rejuvenate and cherish the celebrations of Eid festival. Zakat or charity is a must in Islam
and it helps in the circulation of money in the society. It is an excellent means to alleviate poverty in
the country. Hajj or pilgrimage is mandatory on those to perform who can afford and it teaches the
person to be more responsive towards his or her duties. It helps in cleaning the person inside out and is
a combination of all the obligatory duties in Islam.

fashion burka islam Islamic Health & beauty – Islamic Health

With the help of above passage you can clearly understand that Islam focuses not only the exterior but
inner beautification of a person to become more productive and responsible. Islam is the code of life
and whomsoever, understand this code leads towards peace and harmony in life.