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Our mother Hazrat Aisha’s (ra) knowledge

In Islamic history a woman who learns, understands, and advocates the truth about the enlightening guidelines that have been brought by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as the beloved messenger of Allah, is recognized in Muslim Umma as our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra). She was the true and sincere follower of Muhammad (P.B.U.H’s) Islamic preaching thus after his death she was the one who guided the tribes and Prophet (P.B.U.H) companions clearly about the sayings and Hadiths.

Hazrat Aisha Our mother Hazrat Aishas (ra) knowledge

Hazrat Aisha (ra) was young when she was widowed but she saw and observed the Apostle of Allah Subhana Wa Tallah thoroughly and his love towards humanity and concern for Muslims. Afterwards, whenever a tribe or Sahabas got ambiguous about the exact version of Hadiths, they brought their confusions to Hazrat Aisha (ra) and seek her true guidance. She had worked immensely for the legal rights of women. She had rescued women from ignorance at that time. She proposed rightful laws for the liberty of women. As she had received the directions of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on women literacy so she showed the open paths for women to get educated and learn Quran. Women in those days had all the means to learn and educate them like their counterparts.

Hazrat Aisha (ra) worked as a legal advisor when Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) passed away. She (ra) memorized the whole Quran. Her brilliance in Arabic language and the way she had taught the Muslims who came to her to acquire solutions regarding legal and social system of that period, impacted greatly on the widespread acceptance of Islam and regulations beyond the Arab world.

She remained actively engaged in the development of legal structure along with laws for women. The gift of powerful memory that Allah had blessed her helped enormously to guide the people about Islamic values and traditions after Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Her house in holy city of Medina became the hub for Islamic teaching, learning and customs that had exhibited by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). She had proved to be the most talented student of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and when afterwards she became scholar her exemplary students proved that women have the right to educate themselves for the bright future of next generation.

Several thousand Hadiths had been preserved and approved from Hazrat Aisha (ra). Her assistance in the rectification of many Hadiths had helped to maintain the original versions of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) precious sayings. Hadith that had been quoted by Hazrat Aisha (ra) about Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) way of talk is:

  • Hazrat Aisha (ra) narrated that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when spoke he chose words very carefully, he always said words that were fewer in number but precise in meaning. (al-Fawaid, Hujjat al-Islam, author Hazrat Imam Gazali, Ihya’ Ulum al-Din, Vol. 2)

An Islamic Perception of Female Ejaculation Or Wet Dreams

ocean moon 480x494 An Islamic Perception of Female Ejaculation Or Wet Dreams

Wet dreams are accepted as part of a male’s growing into maturity, but little is talked about of this natural occurrence in a young woman. Both sets of the genders mirror each other in most things, so why should this be any different? As the prophet has said, Allah has made a carbon copy of each sex internally, so what happens in one body will happen in the other.

Female ejaculation in Islam is seen to be a part of the natural evolving of the body, leading into puberty. It can occur around the time of the development of breasts and hair under the armpits and in the genital region. This can be as early as eight, or it may delay until the female child is over ten. Unless there is something abnormal, this is simply a part of growing into maturity and becoming ready for potential child-bearing. Some corruption is responsible for the emphasis on sex; therefore anything that seems out-of-the-ordinary is made out to be different, although it has existed since Man was created. Another reason for the lack of information is that many lecturers are male and women can be very shy about discussing their concerns about this phenomenon with them, including their doctor.

If a person experiences one of these wet dreams during genuine sleep, then it is perfectly natural and no blame can be placed on the person concerned. Although a female’s vagina is always moist due to normal secretions, a female ejaculation, like the man’s, increases this moisture and is usually a sign that this has occurred. Although it may not be as much as the male’s, it is usually accompanied by erotic dreams or feelings and often culminates in a feeling of satisfaction.

If this has occurred then the person should cleanse themselves by washing or ghusal, as the prophet advised. As the person grows in maturity and control of their body, it is often possible to control these urges, but, as they occur during sleep, most people cannot. Many people wake just before ejaculation, with a vague memory of fullness in the genital area, but cannot recall any reason for it being so. In puberty, it is simply a release from sexual dreams.

Umm Salamah said: “Umm Sulaym came to the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alihi wasalam, and said, “O Messenger of Allah, Allah is not too shy to tell us the truth. Does a woman have to do ghusl if she has a wet dream?

” The Prophet said: “Yes, if she sees water (a discharge).” Umm Salamah covered her face and said, “O Messenger of Allah, can a woman have an erotic dream?”He said, “Yes, may your hands be rubbed with dust. How else would her child resemble her?” (Bukhari)

It is thought to be a very wise parent, preferably the mother, who discusses this symptom with her daughter, before she reaches the age of puberty. Otherwise she will almost certainly be given quite the wrong idea from her classmates or even a teacher who is not comfortable with the topic. Most women are not comfortable with talking about the subject either, but it is a natural part of life and growing, and if she reflects, she may remember this happening in her early life also, so there really should be no embarrassment in talking to your daughter about it.

Who Was Jesus, Son of Mary?

Jesus Son of Mary Who Was Jesus, Son of Mary?

The Quran clearly declared that Jesus (peace be upon him) as Son of Maryam several times. All the Muslims have the faith that Jesus (peace be upon him) was incredibly born with out any father by the Virgin Mary. Maryam in Arabic, the mother of Jesus is having a dignified status over the rest of women in the world and the greatest woman forever live.

Mary is having a dignified status over rest of the women in the world that how she happens to be pregnant with Jesus, with respect to Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him.

In chapter 19th of the Quran (that is called Maryam) the Mary receives an angle from God:

She separated from the family to a deserted place. She made a curtain from them and than then we (Allah) sent an angel to her (Gabriel or Jibrael), and he become visible before her in an appearance of a man like any human form. And the angle said that your Lord has chosen you for a righteous son gift. The Marry asked the angle that how I can conceive a son without a man, no man touched neither me, nor I am unchaste. The angle said it is very simple for our Lord and has already chosen you.

And The Miracle happens, Mary has becomes pregnant.  Mary went out of the town to a deserted place in Bethlehem valley. It was 4 or 6 miles away from Jerusalem. She went with the fear that what will happen to her after the birth of the child. A voice came to console her, comforting and soothing her, and also guiding her. When Mary gave birth to a child, the voice guided her not to explain or speak anything and make a promise of silence, everything will workout.

After the birth Mary brings her child back to the village and meets elders and the Jews.  They told her that she did a disgraceful crime.  But Mary follows the instructions of her God (Lord). She was calm, quite and points to the baby.

The Muslims have total believe that the Jesus is like other human beings. He was born from a virgin mother, without the father and Allah created him like other human from dust. The Muslims also have faith that he is a Messenger of Allah; who does not lie and he is not himself is worshiped.

The Muslims also have faith that no Prophet has come between Jesus and Muhammad (PBUH).  Allah has clearly declared his innocence in Quran.

As for as the Jesus killing and crucifixion, Muslims believe that as Quran says that they have not killed Jesus nor they crucified him but  Allah made  to resemble to him and Allah raised him to them. The Quran declared that Allah created you and you will be returned to him and Allah will make him return again.