The Correct Sexual Relations between Husband and Wife According To the Religion Islam


The purpose of Nikah is to become the mutual source of peace, comfort plus enjoyment for one another. The relation between husband and wife is just like a garment, which covers and protects the body. Sex-related aspect of the marriage is the extension of this. The husbands are asked to become considerate, gentle and loving with his wife or wives, to try to accomplish their needs. A wife is supposed to reserve herself entirely for her husband, plus make efforts to become attractive, along with making herself available to her husband whenever he need her in bed. This last obligation even applies to her husband. In Islam, every type of relation that leads to sex or bed starts after marriage and is reserved only for the married couple. Every wife and husband is also responsible to honor the solitude of the sexual relations they have as well as should not talk about their bedroom details to any other person or friends. The focus is on the privacy

The Prohibition of Sexual intercourse once she’s Menstruating

It’s forbidden for every Muslim male to get engaged in sexual activity with his wife once she is menstruating. Holy Quran is very clear on this issue:

“They inquire you concerning menstruation. Point out: that is the Adha (a harmful issue for a husband to experience a sexual activity with his wife whilst she’s having her menses), subsequently keep away from females during menses plus go not on to them until they’ve purified (from menses and also have taken the bath). And once they have purified on their own, after that go in on to them like Allah has appointed for you (proceed in on to them in any kind of manner so long as it’s in their vagina)”. (Sorah Al-Baqarah in 2:222)

Purification Orders about Sexual Intercourse among Husband plus Wife

In Islam, once any husband has had sex activity with his wife within the legal manner, and also after that wishes to come back another time, it’s much better that he first does another ablution (wudu). Which means: it is better in case he does not commence sexual intercourse within the unclean physical condition.

In the words from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

“This method is better, purer and cleaner”. (Reported through Abu Dawud)

It’s permissible for a female to view all of the husband as well as for a male to view all of the wife, without necessity to go in to details. Because Allah Ta’ala says (interpretation from the meaning):

“And people who guard their sexual abstention ( such as private parts by illegal sexual performs) except from their own wives and (the captives plus slaves) which their right hands have for then they’re free from blame however whoever looks for beyond that, after that those people are the transgressors”. (Sorah al-Mu’minoon 23).


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    I hav a dout about sex in islam. Sucking, breastfeeding from wife and anal sex are allowd or not allowd in our theory. Please give a replay to my mail

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