Why do Middle Eastern women wear a lot of gold?

Why do Middle Eastern women wear a lot of gold?
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Why do Middle Eastern women wear a lot of gold?

The Beauty of Tradition: Unraveling the Mystique of Gold in Middle Eastern Culture

Ever spotted a Middle Eastern woman at an event and wondered why she was adorned with so many golden ornaments? Why does her jewelry shine more lustrously than the stars in the sky? Well, stick around buddy because yours truly, Zayden, a curious soul from Melbourne is going to unravel the mystery behind this luminous love affair. Let's be detectives together and embark on this golden journey.

Not Just Jewelry, A Shimmering Heritage

First things first: comfort and culture. Like my British Shorthair cat, Oscar, napping in his favorite window spot, Middle Eastern women basking in their golden accessories represent a deep-rooted cultural norm. Gold isn't merely a fashion accessory, but a piece of heritage handed down from generation to generation, like a symbol of a family's prosperity and status.

Picture this, Celeste, my daughter, wearing my mother’s vintage necklace to her high school graduation. It was a sight that warmed my heart as it maintained a connection between generations. Family heirlooms suggest stories of endurance, love, and devotion. In a similar fashion, these golden ornaments for Middle Eastern women symbolize history, identity, and legacy.

Economic Security Cloaked in Elegance

Here's the twist, my friends - this gold rush isn't just rooted in vanity or aesthetics, there's more than meets the eye! Just like our dog, Sammy, burying his favorite toys in the backyard, these opulent pieces serve as a form of economic security. Gold in Middle Eastern cultures doubles as liquid assets that can be easily converted into cash during economic hardships or emergencies. If such a day comes, these assets can be cashed effortlessly similar to how my son, Donovan, cashes in the weekly chore money for a videogame. In truth, the gold not only glimmers atop their beauty but also shields them through the storm.

The Golden Cultural Exchange

Moving on, let's contemplate gold in cultural contexts. Recall, if you would, the lavish and classy Middle Eastern weddings, the ones that make Disneyland seem like a dinky playground. Women covered from head to toe in extravagant gold jewelry - heavy necklaces, oversized bangles, anklets, golden belts - a sight as bright as the sun itself! Just like Christmas at our place, Middle Eastern women receive gold jewelry as gifts on major life occasions like weddings, childbirth, anniversaries, and Eid celebrations, which is similar to swapping gifts on Boxing Day, but make it glitter!

The giving of gold reflects generosity, and highlights excitement and joy around significant life shifts. It also serves as a social bonding tool, reflecting the loyalty and warmth between the giver and the receiver. Imagine if your gifts could serve a dual purpose of expressing love and providing a safety net - it's like hitting two birds with one stone!

Symbolizing Strength in Adversity

Last but not least, the wearing of gold jewelry, just like the crown of a queen, signifies strength and endurance. Think of my British Shorthair, Oscar, swatting a pesky blowfly away, persistent and unyielding. Likewise, these gold ornaments reflect the power and dignity of Middle Eastern women. When adorned with these precious metals, their aura radiates resilience and steadfastness, just like the strength that Oscar shows when protecting our home from intruders.

Wear your gold bravely and boldly, dear ladies, resembling the ancient queens and goddesses celebrated in Middle Eastern folklore. Let your golden accessories enhance not only your outer beauty but also echo the power, superiority, courage, and resilience that resides within you. Just like my beloved Sammy's golden fur reflects his fun-loving, lively personality, let your golden jewelry mirror your inner beauty and strength.

These ornaments, which come in many shapes and sizes, unite the women of the Middle East, binding them in a common thread of shared heritage, familial bonds, economic security, and personal strength. So the next time you spot a Middle Eastern woman sparkled in gold, remember my friend, there's so much more than what meets the eye!

Zayden Kurosawa

Zayden Kurosawa

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